About Sunshine and Dandelions

Hi, I’m Natalie.  Sunshine and Dandelions is a place where I will be sharing resources for trying to thrive in the modern world.  I’m interested in all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.  This includes sleep, nutrition, movement, connection with other people, and everything in between.  I also think it is important to pleasure in the journey of life and maintain balance.  I enjoy gardening, food preservation, making home cooked meals, yoga and natural movement, living a simple life, quotes and memes, and spending time outdoors.  I have long been drawn to the idea of rewilding, or acknowledgment that we are domesticated and figuring out where to go from here.  To me, rewilding is about discovering what is most natural for us in all aspects as humans and trying to live in a more authentic and connected way as best we can where we are at the present time.dand2